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Are you happy and healthy?

Research shows if you express gratitude for at least three things you're grateful for everyday, you'll improve your mental health. 

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Gratitude Wall

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1: I was productive at work today (okay, somewhat productive ๐Ÿ™‚ )
2: I grilled a salmon fillet and it turned out very good.
3: I'm about to go to bed, and I know that I'll have a nice sleep.
1: The courage to advocate for myself in a scary situation
2: The support of my partner
3: Cuddly kitty cats
1: I am breathing ๐Ÿ˜‡
2: Supportive boyfriend ๐Ÿ’•
3: Jollibee for dinner ๐Ÿ˜‹
1: Great colleagues
2: Safety
3: Global village
1: Inner peace
2: Most needed rest
3: New nook
1: Excedrin
2: Coffee
3: Family
1: Chill job
2: New friends
3: Learned 1 ukulele song
1: My new apartment (can’t stop gushing about this one!)
2: Made meatballs for the first time and they came out tasty
3: Vaccine supplies are going up! ๐Ÿ“ˆ
1: I have a loving wife and great dog family.
2: I get to work on hard and profitable things today
3: I have people that care about my work, myself, and my future
1: Hot dogs
2: Sleep
3: Quiet time
1: Exploring and finding creature in the local creek
2: Good audio books that challenge me to grow
3: A job that allows me to work at home
1: Last day of development for project i've been on last 3 months
2: Haven't drank alcohol in almost a month!
3: Delicious ramen for dinner
1: Strength of heart
2: My Mom
3: My sister mentoring me
1: The interview went well yesterday
2: I had plenty of time to get ready this morning
3: I have good online friends
1: A supportive family
2: A great home to live in and enjoy
3: A job that keeps me challenged and growing
1: My heart is beating
2: Wife is bringing breakfast tacos home!
3: My family is healthy and safe
1: A new projects are coming
2: I was able to do my facial exercise
3: I was anlwDevotional and Meditation
1: Sunshine!
2: My beautiful wife
3: Quiet apartment
1: spring break
2: a good job
3: sunshine
1: my dogs
2: the weather
3: an easy work week
1: My job
2: My cousin Sam who is an accountant and does my taxes for me for free
3: FaceTime!
1: feeling good about working out
2: studying for my certification
3: good weather
1: I am grateful for Yo'av's endless patience.
2: I am grateful for my menstrual cycle.
3: I freakin love my blender.
1: My friends for making me a playlist when I was very sick and at a low point
2: Hot cross bun croissants
3: Our coffee machien
1: For our family devo and prayer time today.
2: For the safety and good health.
3: For the covid vaccine given to the healthworkers.
1: A nice weather to walk to work this morning
2: For I got home safely
3: My humorous boyfriend
1: Aliveness
2: Ability to be calm
3: Engaging work
1: I woke up with Yeobo
2: Air we breathe
3: God’s providence
1: Talking to Mom about my problems
2: Sitting simply in the living room with the family
3: My answered prayer after a night of praying
1: For good health and safety of my family
2: For my friends
3: For my education and dreams

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