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Make gratitude a daily habit

Research shows that if you list at least three things you're grateful for everyday, you will significantly improve your mental health. 

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Gratitude Wall

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1: My Tub that I can soak in after each run.
2: My wife and daughter who love me despite my anger.
3: God, who showers mercy on my each day.
1: My dude came on this morning's puppy walk with me.
2: We had a nice breakfast together (that he made).
3: Today is going to be less hot than yesterday. (I'll miss you, Winter/Spring!)
1: H O P E
2: Light, sincere phone call conversations with Mom, Marlon and Noel
3: My healing foot
1: Able to rest, then started organizing closet
2: Pop Christian music all day ❤️
3: Today’s reading: Focus on who God is 🙏
1: My metabolism improves - Thanks God!
2: For the packed lunch cooked by my sister.
3: For the music
1: A wonderful day 🙂
2: A great conversation with a closed friend
3: Reminder of God's word
1: My beautiful wife and best friend
2: My health
3: my home and my job
1: Feeling well rested feels so good; Why is it so? I listened to my body yesterday
2: Good coffee; Why is it so? Capitalism I suppose?
3: Cool internet platforms exist; Why is it so? Humans can do amazing things!
1: Jesus loves me
2: Finished doing my powerpoint presentation
3: I am alive
1: For this another day to live and to serve
2: For the morning ride
3: For the assurance of love and honesty❤️
1: Doctors and medicine
2: Sunshine
3: Being alive
1: Technology - phone, computer
2: Electricity
3: House to live in
1: All of the birds I saw walking to the coffee shop today.
2: My last unvaccinated friend is getting there shot this morning. My second dose is Sunday.
3: Feeling on top of my workload for the first time in a few weeks.
1: Thankful for another day . Thank you Jesus ❤️
2: My tummy ache is gone 🙏
3: My beautiful niece Crystal, for sharing her God given talent that is used by many . You are truly blessed!
1: Getting preapproved for a home!
2: Finishing project release on thursday
3: Going on a day trip with some friends this weekend!
1: For another day
2: Jesus loves us
3: My Family and My beautiful Girlfriend
1: Mom
2: Champorado in the morning
3: Morning prayer time
1: Got a nice sleep last night. No insomnia attack.
2: Family - Keeping me inspire and feel loved.
3: For our safety - Praise God!
1: another beautiful day
2: being strong
3: thank you for the wine 🙂 from friend
1: Grateful for our BS leader- Dr. Cole
2: Beautiful weather
3: Electricity!
1: Trees
2: Flowers
3: Birds
1: Advil for the headache I've had this morning.
2: A nice cool morning walk.
3: Silly movies to laugh at with my boyfriend.
1: Having a successful day at work
2: Shrimp Curry!
3: Dark roast coffee
1: It's somewhat cold today, but I have clothes to keep me warm!
2: About to make an amazing breakfast (how humble am I)
3: I feel like it's going to be a productive day at work 🙂
1: The time and resources to track and improve my diet.
2: The communication practice my wife and I have built together
3: Access to produce, a grocery store within a mile of my home.
1: Nature ! Everything God created!
2: Stop signs - and all the people who follow signs
3: Railroad tracks and trains - and all the people who follow signs ❤️
1: Family
2: Health
3: Job
1: thank you for the day
2: thank you for the breakfast
3: thank you for the life
1: I was able to fulfill my to do list today , coz the weather report says it’s going to rain tomorrow ☔️
2: Sushi and samgyupsal gui dinner! 😋
3: My awesome niece , Crystal! Thank you for the app request you made , done in less than 24 hours! Now our group can use it for our bible study! Thank you Crystal! ❤️
1: God Blessings
2: to my motivation - My Family and Girlfriend
3: Positive surroundings

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