• I am grateful that Yo'av and I watched Seaspiracy and learned about the fishing industry.
  • I am grateful for, even though I was tired, going to bowling with Erik, Marlena and Yo'av.
  • I am happy that I took the time to write a heartfelt message to Emma thanking her for yesterday's conversations.


  • I am grateful for the effort I put in to cook a nice, healthy and filling dinner
  • I enjoyed reading the chapter on MI for psychology
  • I am grateful that I told Fritiof I won't be afterpartying and that I told him the reason I won't be doing so.


  • I love Yo'av.
  • I like my guitar.
  • I like my bicycle.


  • I am grateful for Yo'av's endless patience.
  • I am grateful for my menstrual cycle.
  • I freakin love my blender.


  • I feel very lucky to have a partner who excites me as much as he does. He drives my libido through the roof.
  • I am thankful to myself that I joined the crosstraining at SATS today, even though I was scared to.
  • I am grateful for my dinner - it was simple, tasty, healthy, easy to make and easy to clean up.

4/4 – 21

  • My friend Jenny. She inspires me to do the things that make me happy, without letting the fear of failing getting in the way.
  • The sun. It feels like comfort in its truest essence, it heals my skin, it relaxes me and allows me to create beautiful moments outdoors with the people I love.
  • My godson Leo. He captivates me, and really shoots me into the core of what is important in life. He shoots me into the present moment. The most adorable baby ever!!!