The Best Way to Express and Show Gratitude

Gratefulness is a familiar feeling to most of us. It’s an emotion we tend to experience when we feel good about our day. But while it’s prevalent to us, we usually fail to express it properly. A major point in developing a grateful life is knowing the best way to express it, whether for yourself […]

Why is Gratitude Important in Recovery?

We go through various ups and downs in life. But for some people, the waves could be harder to ride. When it comes to recovery, it may take longer for individuals to develop positive habits and thinking. However, it’s not impossible. At these moments, establishing a grateful attitude and practicing gratitude habits make a significant […]

Why is Gratitude the Best Attitude?

It’s always a wonderful feeling to wake up and think, “today is a good day.” But living a happier life goes beyond taking out the bad parts and replacing them with the good. It’s more about accepting both sides for the way they are. That’s where gratitude comes into the picture. Being grateful is familiar […]

Best Gratitude Journals to Make You Happier and Healthier

There are several ways to practice gratefulness daily. One popular method is by keeping a gratitude journal. It is similar to having a typical journal but instead, it focuses on cultivating gratitude as a part of your every day. Consistency plays a vital role in developing a grateful attitude. The more you condition yourself into […]

A Gratitude List to Help You Be More Grateful

When people share their experience with gratitude, you can expect them to tell you about how much it’s bettered their lives. Even current studies support this claim, suggesting that gratefulness is highly associated with increased happier emotions. While it’s easy to say we should practice being grateful every day, where exactly should we start? There […]

An Attitude of Gratitude: How to Develop and Cultivate One

man in pink dress shirt standing on gray concrete pavement near body of water during daytime

A person who appreciates everything is truly grateful -that’s what having an attitude of gratitude is. It is when we understand that each day, whether good or bad, comes with a blessing. Every moment we spend with an attitude of gratitude, we learn to accept the way life truly is. With that, we focus on […]

Living a Life of Gratitude

One of the most important lessons we learn in life is to be grateful, especially because the impact helps us shift our mindset for the better. It doesn’t have to be the holidays for us to express gratefulness. In fact, it something we should learn to practice every day. We have times when we slip […]

The Power of Being Thankful

man reaching hands up high taken at daytime

When encountering rough times, people often forget that the strongest weapon against the negativity is within themselves. At the times we feel down, it’s important for us to remember that we should be grateful. We can overcome challenges when we have gratitude in our life because it’s easier to be happier when we are thankful. […]

Why and How to Have a Heart of Gratitude

We go through various ups and downs in life. During motivational talks and the like, you would commonly hear speakers talk about the importance of being grateful and content with our lives. One of the biggest challenges we have to face is keeping gratitude present every day despite the hardships. But while this isn’t an […]

Why and How to be Grateful for Everything

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Whether it’s the holidays or just your usual day, gratitude is something that should consistently be present in your life. When we learn to be grateful as a part of our every day, it becomes easier for us to maintain happiness regardless of what happens around us. But while it’s easy to say you should […]