15 Gratitude Journal Prompts and 23 Gratitude Questions for When You’re Feeling Stuck

Some days, we end up feeling a bit more surrounded by negative energy than we are of positivity. Whether it’s because of news reports about catastrophes or a disappointing email from work, they can affect the way we spend the rest of our time. But don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with a bad day!

They say, “one action can make a chain reaction.” That’s true; with both negative and positive energy. To get past a bad day, the answer is actually really simple. You just have to beat it with something opposite and stronger -which is the feeling of gratitude.

The Importance of a Gratitude Journal

At a time like this, where a different crisis springs up each day, we tend to forget to be grateful for what we already have. A good way to be reminded of gratefulness is to have a gratitude journal.

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Your gratitude journal will help you keep track of the good things in life. Therefore, increasing overall positive energy and improving who you are as a person through the way you interact with people and your approach towards different situations.

A gratitude journal can come in different forms, whichever you are comfortable with! You can jot down your notes on a pad, use a digital notebook, or try out online platforms like Three Things Daily and more.

The journal would usually consist of gratitude journal prompts -which aims to guide you to positive thinking. It could be self-reflection, reminders, questions or quotes you can connect with.

Gratitude Journal Prompts

Below are gratitude journal prompts to help you get started on your journey of getting into the habit of gratitude.

  1. Write down a good thing that happened today.
  2. Are you happy or satisfied with how today turned out for you?
  3. What do you think you can do better tomorrow?
  4. List down five things that stress you out and what you can do to change each of it.
  5. Think of the people you admire and what qualities about them you want to adapt.
  6. Name three things that made your day special.
  7. What are the top five hobbies that never fail to make you feel better?
  8. Write down a time you experienced a blessing in disguise and how much it’s changed your life now.
  9. Think of the people you love and care for. Write down what makes you grateful to have them in your life.
  10. Write about a time when you felt happy and at peace with yourself, even when there was no special event during that day.
  11. What kind act you did for someone or for yourself today?
  12. Name three things you are doing well now and three things you want to improve or learn.
  13. Did someone make you smile today? How do you feel about it?
  14. Write a tough experience you had in the past and what you did or can do to change the way you feel about that time.
  15. Write about something that allowed you room to grow into a stronger character today.
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A gratitude journal is a good thing to incorporate in your life, especially in helping you understand that a good and bad experience comes hand in hand. It’s all about which side overcomes the other.

Gratitude Questions

There will also be days when we start to feel disconnected, even when we think about the good things in our lives. When you’re feeling stuck, here’s a few gratitude questions you can practice asking yourself to help you get back on track.

  1. What situation made you feel happy and satisfied recently?
  2. Who are the people who have been with you through thick or thin?
  3. What simple thing made you smile or laugh today?
  4. How much do you think you’ve improved in the past year?
  5. Who helped in shaping you become the person you are today?
  6. What choices did you make in the past that you are glad you made?
  7. Do you remember a time you lent someone a hand when they needed it the most?
  8. What are looking forward to the most in the future?
  9. How do the people around you express their love and care for you?
  10. Who or what has been making positive differences in your life these days?
  11. When did you feel in awe about something and what was it?
  12. What are the little things in your home that you like the most?
  13. Have you had the chance to do a hobby you enjoy recently?
  14. What song never fails to put you in a good mood?
  15. How did it feel to offer someone help that could change their life?
  16. What are the things that inspire you and why do they inspire you?
  17. What was the last comment someone told you that motivated you?
  18. Who are the people you are glad you have in your life and how you would want to thank them?
  19. Have you witnessed something that made you think life is good?
  20. What’s the nicest thing someone’s done for you?
  21. What moment did you feel the proudest of yourself for not giving up?
  22. How do you feel about the people who you love and care for?
  23. What’s the last thing that made you appreciate your life as it is now?
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Brushing off the negativity is easier said than done but that doesn’t mean we can’t control what we want to focus on instead. How you feel is something only you can decide.

Reminding yourself of what you’re grateful for and the good feelings that came with it can overshadow negative emotions. When you choose to keep a positive and healthy mindset, you’ll find yourself less bothered by stressful factors.

But sometimes, all you need is some time off. Clear your mind, take a breath of fresh air, and just look at the world around you. Give yourself the time to appreciate the good things even in the midst of all the bad. You’ll realize how even the smallest things can truly make a difference with how you perceive what’s in front you.


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