Why and How to be Grateful for Everything

Whether it’s the holidays or just your usual day, gratitude is something that should consistently be present in your life. When we learn to be grateful as a part of our every day, it becomes easier for us to maintain happiness regardless of what happens around us.

But while it’s easy to say you should be thankful, we aren’t always successful with maintaining it as a factor of our daily life. So, how can we be grateful for everything? It’s much simpler than you would expect, but it truly takes a lot of commitment. Here, we will discuss why gratitude matters and what you can do to live a grateful life.

How Gratitude Affects You

Gratitude brings several positive effects to a person. Various studies observed the impact of gratefulness on people. Collectively, they present data that show improvement in the mental wellness of the respondents.

The effects of gratitude on your life are long-lasting. It changes your approach to the situations that happen around you as well as your perspective of things.

In these changes, your well-being improves as a whole. Developing more positive emotions can grow into a positive and healthy lifestyle. You’ll find yourself with better habits, stronger relationships, and a calm and mature mindset. Minor inconveniences won’t bother you much anymore, and you look for less reason to stress over your load. Overall, the positive impact it makes on you produces long-term results in living a better life.

With the way you spend your time, gratitude leads you to learn how to use time wisely. Appreciating every good thing puts everything into perspective, wherein we should enjoy every moment we have while we still have it. Especially during times when it’s hard, remembering to be grateful for everything will keep you going.

Steps to Becoming Grateful

Living a life of gratitude takes a lot more than just knowing when to be thankful. It’s understanding gratefulness deeper and knowing how it should take place in your life.

Below are a few ways to start coming grateful for everything every day.

Give Yourself Reminders

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One of the simplest ways you can start living with gratitude is by reminding yourself what you’re grateful for each day. One way to start is by writing down three things you are thankful for. It’s a way to remember you are blessed.

Make it a daily practice to ask yourself or list what good you’ve seen you did for others or what others did for you. It can be little thoughts of appreciation too.

Be More Expressive

Expressing gratefulness can do a lot for both you and the people around you. Every time you say thank you, you’re spreading gratitude. Gratefulness produces positive emotions, which puts you and others in better moods.

Another way to show people you are grateful is through acts of love and care. Say compliments, help out with small things, and the like. These can surely change up your day in several ways and allows you to practice sharing gratitude.

Stop and Look Around You

From just looking at the beauty in your surroundings, you learn to be grateful for what you have. Simple appreciation opens room for self-growth, especially when practicing gratitude. It helps you focus your mind on the good, no matter how big or small they be.

Keep a Gratitude Journal

A recommended and effective way to keep track of your progress is by starting a gratitude journal. By keeping a journal, you have a space to reflect daily. Through recording positive events and thoughts, your mind puts more emphasis on these situations. As a result, it promotes the idea of paying closer attention to the good things.

Gratitude journals also allow you to look back on past occurrences. Let’s say your recent week has been a hectic one. Going through your gratitude journal reminds you that better days are waiting. You get a better picture of what’s around you, which helps you understand why you should be grateful.

Be Grateful for Both the Good and Bad

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Although the main idea of practicing gratitude every day is to encourage and increase positivity, this doesn’t necessarily mean only the good things matter. True gratefulness is accepting that bad days can happen. But instead of taking them too personally, you learn from them too.

If you look at an unpleasant moment with gratitude, it washes away the negativity surrounding it. It doesn’t have to be through flipping the situation around, but instead by learning to accept. Once you take that in, you’ll realize life isn’t so bad after all.

Even our worst moments happen for a reason. Use that as your drive to continue finding the light when you’re in the dark. Eventually, you will learn to be grateful for these moments too.

How to Practice Gratitude

There are lots of ways to practice gratitude and apply it in your everyday. Fortunately, you can find accessible platforms online to guide you and help you with this.

Three Things Daily is a great place to begin for starters, featuring a gratitude wall where you can post three things you are grateful for each day. The rest of the community shares their gratitude through the wall, giving everyone a place to spread and grow positivity to one another.

You can also find blogs on the site that talk about why gratitude is important and what you can do to start living gratefully. With all the great tips and discussions about gratitude, you’re sure to understand the great in being grateful for everything.

Ending Note

The practice of gratitude should be taken seriously when you want to make it a part of your days. It makes a big difference to how you see life and how you walk through your journey. But to sincerely be grateful for everything, the key is to understand why it matters. When you have that settled, you’ll find yourself full of gratitude with a constant flow of positive emotions each day.


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