Why is Gratitude the Best Attitude?

It’s always a wonderful feeling to wake up and think, “today is a good day.” But living a happier life goes beyond taking out the bad parts and replacing them with the good. It’s more about accepting both sides for the way they are. That’s where gratitude comes into the picture.

Being grateful is familiar to most people. The act of gratitude is more than a simple thank you. It brings along positive energy that spreads with the expression of gratefulness. Because of these qualities, most would consider gratitude the best attitude to develop.

The benefits of gratitude are not limited to the person expressing gratefulness but also to the people receiving it. It moves like a chain reaction, growing each time it gets communicated.

Gratitude in Improving Health and Happiness

From studies and observations, research finds that gratitude is commonly associated with happier and healthier habits. A grateful person is likely to find themselves with better practices. These include aspects that are personal and social.

Most people who share their experiences with this switch tend to point out how their manners changed just as their perspectives did. And so, they spend their days full of good emotions without having to look too much into it.

Cultivating A Positive Mindset

Gratitude makes a direct impact on your mindset. It allows you to focus your mind more on positive outlooks, regardless of the situation. As humans, we often fixate ourselves on negativity. Every challenge turns into a greater hurdle when we pay closer attention to it. But with gratefulness, you are reminded of what’s good. And so, you focus your attention on those aspects instead.

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Bettering Relationships

Gratefulness impacts how we communicate with others, leading to stronger relationships with those around us. Gratitude teaches us to initiate good energy and maintain the health of our relationships with others. For instance, being away from loved ones for long periods, showing small acts of gratefulness communicates the depth of your love and care for them.

Appreciating More

By being grateful, you learn how to be more appreciative of what you already have. In developing this thinking, you are also learning to accept the challenges you face rather than just turning away from them. Gratitude teaches you appreciation in a way that doesn’t disregard the negative. Instead, you cultivate a grateful attitude by finding a silver lining during tough times.

Improving Overall Well-Being

The positive effect of gratitude influences your habits, including physiologically. People tend to perform better health habits such as getting enough sleep, eating healthier meals, and even getting more exercise. Research interprets that positive thinking reduces stress and other negative emotions, which tend to lower motivation and cause toxic traits.

How To Cultivate An Attitude of Gratitude

There are several ways you can learn to apply gratitude in your daily life. When you practice it as a part of your every day, it shifts your whole perspective of life.

A common gratitude practice is thinking up three things you are grateful for each day. You can have this written down on a gratitude journal or through using platforms like Three Things Daily. Other practices include simple acts to get used to. A few of those including communicating gratefulness to others regularly, taking time to appreciate what is around you, and a lot more.

To make your practices even more effective, keep the following points in mind:

Be Consistent

Consistency plays a role in gratitude practice. It requires patience and dedication because it involves your own emotions and thinking. Regular practice of gratefulness conditions your mind into those practices, allowing you to feel and present them without reminders.


Because your mind keeps its focus on positive aspects, you will fully grasp that there is a blessing in each day. If you start your day thinking this way, you will spend the rest of your days with a more optimistic outlook.

Understand It Well

We should understand the idea and the effects of gratitude before it becomes a part of our life. Gratefulness is more than feelings of thanks towards others, which most people believe it to be. It holds a deeper meaning if you choose to look at it through a different lens. And so, further understanding the significance of gratitude is when your mindset will truly start shifting.

Common Gratitude Practices

Listed below are a few practices you can consider applying in your daily life:

  1. A Gratitude Journal

Gratitude journals come in two ways: a traditional notebook-type and through online platforms and applications. In choosing which to use, consider each of their pros and cons.

Traditional notebooks give you the freedom to write your prompts without a format. You get to decide the content and flow of your journal. It can go from anything like entries about your day, pictures, lists, or even questions.

Three Things Daily is an example of an online gratitude journal. Practicing gratefulness with this platform makes it easier to incorporate into your routine. It features a unique way to list three things on a gratitude wall, where you can view other entries written by other members. Having this community allows a form of expression and sharing of positive energy, so it keeps a chain of passing happy emotions.

2. Daily Communication

Regular expression of gratitude is another method. It involves communicating feelings of gratefulness, whether it’s towards others or yourself. Tell someone you are thankful for having them in your life, get back into a hobby you loved, or let your happiness show through your actions.

3. Reflection

Consider taking time to reflect on your day to improve appreciation. You can do this by giving yourself a moment to look around and take in the beauty of life, or you can think up why you feel grateful in a day and focus on it.

Final Thoughts

Developing grateful thinking is beneficial for us, mentally, physically, and socially. Gratitude is the best attitude for how it affects our overall psychology and habits, wherein we learn to practice expressing happier emotions and healthier manners. These make an impact not only on us but on our surroundings and the people in them.


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